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The Northwest Alabama Arts Council (NWAAC) was created in 2004 with one primary purpose – to take over the reigns of the newly established Jerry Brown Arts Festival (JBAF) – and one secondary purpose – to promote the arts and art education in rural Northwest Alabama.

At its inception, the arts council included four Northwest Alabama Counties – Franklin, Lamar, Marion, and Winston – but with the growth and development of arts councils in those counties, the NWAAC voted in 2009 to change its primary area of service to the Marion County area.

What started out as a request by the Hamilton Area Chamber of Commerce to host the annual JBAF, the NWAAC has expanded its programs to include art education programs, community arts programs, and promotion of the arts and artists in Marion County.


Arts Council Leadership

Officers for 2020-2021
Arts Council Officers
President - Belinda McRae
Vice-President - Sherry Smith
Secretary - John Boyett
Treasturer - Buell Harris
Immediate Past-President - Dr. Dan Duncan

Arts Council Members

Arts Council Members

One of the most unique aspects of the NWAAC is there is no paid staff members or employees; all members serve as volunteers with the organization. Many of the arts council members are not artists but are people who are community-minded, and who are striving to make our community a better place, and recognize by the implementation and promotion of the arts, our quality of living can be greatly improved.

To become a member of the NWAAC, you do not have to be an artist nor do you have to be a resident of Marion County. If you would like to be involved with a progressive, interesting, challenging, and rewarding organization that is making a difference in our community, please join us!

There is no charge for membership if you are an art teacher or a retired art teacher, public or private sector, living or working in Marion County.

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